Piano Lessons

Introductory Lesson: A single introductory 30 minute lesson is offered to each student, free of charge, to provide an opportunity for us to get to know each other, without the added pressure of payment.
Basic Tuition: The basic non-discounted lesson tuition rate is $25 for a single 30 minute lesson, $40 for a single 45 minute lesson, and $55 for a single 60 minute lesson, payable in full at the beginning of each lesson. 
Financial Assistance: I believe the gift of music should be available to everyone, regardless of ability to pay. If you need assistance with paying for lessons, please let me know. Your information will be kept confidential, and I will be glad to accommodate your demonstrated need for assistance.
Discounted Tuition: For those dedicated students willing to commit to a minimum one month of study, a discounted tuition rate is offered. The discounted monthly tuition rate for weekly 30 minute lessons is $95 per month. Weekly 45 minute lessons are $150 per month. Weekly 60 minute lessons are $200 per month. 
Family Discount: There is an additional 5% discount for families with more than 1 student. 
Recital Fee: Typically, two recitals are scheduled during the academic term, in Winter and Spring. The fee for each recital participant is $15.00. 
Registration Fee: There is currently no registration fee for Piano Lessons.
Missed Lessons: If a student must miss a lesson due to illness, family trip, emergency, or school activity, the lesson will be rescheduled if an opening can be found that is acceptable to both teacher and student. Lessons missed without prior notification, as well as lessons missed due to insufficient practice, will not be rescheduled. There is no reduction in tuition for missed lessons, except in the event of extended illness or teacher absence.
Contact Me: I can be reached by email at mksalcedo@gmail.com or by phone at 678-294-9568.