Christmas – 2022

This has been a rather unusual year for us, in that we have experienced great highs and deep lows. We would of course love to share with you that everything has been absolutely wonderful over the last 12 months, but this year has been hard, and there has been much weeping. But also, there has been much rejoicing! God has been with us every day and night through this entire year, and we are grateful for His continued providence in our life.

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

One of the highlights this year was the wedding of our son Andy, to his beautiful and wonderful bride Kim. What a wonderful blessing this is for Andy of course, and for all of us! And so now we have two Kims in our family, but still haven’t found the perfect way to distinguish which Kim we are speaking of – LOL. I’m sure we’ll figure it out in time though. We were also so very thankful that Rebecca, Gabi, and Soleil, who live in Oregon, were able to join us for the wedding. Sadly though, Andy and Kim’s father, Mike Long, was unable to attend, as he passed away shortly before, in Oklahoma.

We should also mention that Vicki has been suffering almost all year with a severe and incredibly painful wound in her lower right leg, resulting from radiation treatment for a barely visible spot of cancer. But we rejoice because she has received good treatment, God is indeed good, her leg is slowly healing and doing much better lately, and we expect full healing and recovery soon.

Another highlight of this year was the opportunity we had to meet the fine parents of our wonderful son-in-law, Danny. We spent an evening together at our home, enjoying each others company over the dinner that Vicki prepared for us all. What an absolute delight they were to meet, and we can see why, at least in part, how it is that Danny developed into such an awesome man. Our daughter Kim is a blessed woman, and I’m sure she agrees!

Of course, Vicki and I have been been busy with life this year. In addition to my IT work in the corporate world, I’ve had the opportunity this year to continue leading a devotional service at a nearby assisted living facility once a month. It is a delight to worship there – I prepare and preach on a brief topic, then also lead a few worship hymns from the piano. Those attending are so very grateful, but I think Vicki and I benefit even more.

Also this year, we put in another fish pond in the backyard. Yes, I said another – now there are two. That’s a very long story, and a whole lot of digging, but I suppose you could just call me crazy and call it a day. Also, I setup a couple of new fish aquariums inside the house. Perhaps I’m a bit obsessed? But, I’m so grateful that Vicki continues to be supportive of my eccentricities.

Meanwhile, Vicki and I continue to be both very involved in our local church. I accompany our choir for rehearsals each Wednesday night, plus play piano in a small band for our church’s chapel service once or twice a month. Plus, we both enjoy singing in the choir when they’re scheduled to sing, usually a couple of times a month. And I’ve recently returned to singing with our John’s Creek Chorale. It’s been a blast! Can you tell we love music? We do! And even more, we love worshipping with our musical gifts!

We love our entire family, and all of you very much, and again wish you nothing but the happiest of happy times. Merry Christmas to all, and a Happy New Year!